You Can Forget the iPad Mini

by jscariati

Joe Wilcox doesn’t think an iPad Mini is a good idea:

Neither of us could quite fathom why or for what price a smaller Apple tablet makes sense.

Really? You can’t fathom why a smaller, thinner, lighter, less expensive version of a device that Apple’s sold 84 million of in less than three years is a good idea?

…even at $299, iPad mini risks cannibalizing larger Apple tablet sales, which the company has far from exhausted.

That’s the key point. The tablet is still a huge growth market.

Yes, the tablet market is growing. So in order to maintain its share of this growing market, Apple should…not offer a device at a price point that all of its competitors are offering?

Some people who buy an iPad Mini might have otherwise bought a regular iPad, sure. But I’ll bet there’s a lot more people who haven’t bought a regular iPad that will buy an iPad Mini. That’s the whole point of offering a smaller, less expensive version of the same device.

This will be a fun article to revisit in a few months.