Joshua Topolsky on the Nexus 7

by jscariati

Joshua Topolsky, concluding his review of the new Nexus 7 Android tablet:

While Google’s new OS and latest app initiatives are very, very good, Android on tablets still suffers from an incredible lack of developer support. Mainstream apps like Twitter have yet to be updated to an appropriate tablet-friendly design, while others, like Pocket, seem to be slightly optimized but not working 100 percent correctly. Some apps simply aren’t optimized for the tablet in any way…

But then he states:

There are still issues that need to be addressed — particularly around growing the tablet app footprint and expanding content offerings — but I don’t think those are deal breakers.

On the one hand, the Nexus 7 does look like the best Android tablet yet, and certainly the highest-quality tablet compared to others in its price range.

But the whole review emphasizes specs – size, weight, display quality, storage, battery life, etc. – while glossing over what you can actually do with the device. Sure, there are some cool new features of Android 4.1, and the latest versions of the built-in apps look very nice – but the complete dearth of tablet-optimized third-party apps is written off.

I’m not saying the Nexus 7 (or any Android tablet for that matter) has to have hundreds of thousands of apps in order to be useful. But when something as major as Twitter doesn’t even offer a proper tablet experience, you’re kind of not even in the same league as an iPad, no matter how nice the device itself is.