David Pogue on the Nexus 7

by jscariati

The headline of David Pogue’s review of the Nexus 7:

A Tablet to Rival the Leader

And the page title:

Nexus 7, Google’s New Tablet, Seriously Challenges the iPad

Great! So how does he conclude his review?

Until then, the iPad still makes a far more compelling total package (hardware, software, store).

Where “then” is an undefined point in the future at which the Nexus 7 “maybe” becomes popular enough to attract developer support:

Maybe once it becomes popular, people will finally start writing decent apps for it, and more movie and music companies will come to the Google Play store.

Again, nothing against the Nexus 7 ā€“ it does seem like the best Android tablet to date ā€“ but ending your product review by conceding that its main competitor is still “far more compelling” doesn’t jibe with the premise in the headline.